Hay Day tips and tricks

Mastering Hay Day: Tips and Tricks for the Avid Farmer


Hay Day, with its rich graphics and interactive gameplay, has quickly become a favorite among mobile game enthusiasts. However, while the game starts off simple enough, the challenges intensify as you progress. That’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive list of tips and tricks to ensure your farming journey remains smooth and productive.

1. Prioritize Your Orders

In the game, you’ll come across a board that constantly updates with different orders from your virtual neighbors. While it might be tempting to fulfill every request that comes in, it’s essential to prioritize. Some orders pay much more than others. Aim for the ones that offer the best rewards, and don’t hesitate to reject the less lucrative ones.

2. Keep an Eye on the Truck and Boat

The truck and the boat bring in a variety of tasks. While the truck orders are similar to the board orders, the boat orders can be a tad more challenging. They usually require larger quantities but provide a bigger payout. Prepare in advance for boat orders; stock up on resources and products to ensure timely completion.

Hay Day gameplay video

3. Use Your Animals Wisely

Animals play a crucial role in Hay Day. From cows producing milk to chickens laying eggs, they are a consistent source of income. Always feed them regularly and ensure they are in a comfortable state to optimize their productivity.

4. Strategize Your Crop Planting

While it’s tempting to plant crops randomly, having a strategy is key. For instance, overnight, you could plant crops that take longer to grow, ensuring they are ready for harvest by morning. Conversely, for active gameplay during the day, opt for crops with shorter harvest times to keep things moving swiftly.

5. Expand Gradually

As you earn more coins and level up, the temptation to expand your farm grows. However, rapid expansion can be overwhelming. Instead, take a gradual approach. Expand in sections, ensuring that each segment is optimized before moving on to the next.

6. Connect with Friends

Hay Day allows players to connect with friends and trade resources. This collaborative element is not only fun but also advantageous. Running low on a specific item? Check with a friend before spending diamonds.

7. Dive Deep for Hidden Treasures:

The fishing area in Hay Day is not just for fishing. Sometimes, if you cast your net in the right spot, you might pull up a treasure chest containing valuable items.

Boost Your Progress with a Little Help

For those moments when you feel stuck or need a quick boost, there’s always a way to enhance your gameplay. If you’re in need of additional resources like diamonds or coins, don’t forget that you can use the hayday hack to streamline your progress. This tool is especially helpful during challenging phases of the game or when aiming for rapid expansion.


With dedication, strategy, and a bit of knowledge, mastering Hay Day becomes an achievable goal. Implement these tips and tricks, and you’ll find yourself not just playing but thriving in the game. Happy farming!

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